Sunday, June 8, 2008

The worlds most expensive Cars, Food, Property & Real Estate, Jewellery, Furniture, Gadgets

Worlds most expensive Camera, 39 megapixels, provides razor sharp quality. Hasselblad as used by NASA and Top fashion houses, the only Hassle is the price a snip at £22'000, Worlds most expensive mobile phone encrusted with diamonds. Amosu include one years membership to the exclusive VIP "International Conciege service" offering some serious services. a snip at £20'000, Worlds most expensive gadgets Worlds most expensive remote control this cheeky little solid gold remote was launched at the METS 2007 in Amsterdam and despite its rediculous price took plenty of orders. Saudi Princes and Drug Barons around the globe have been waiting to get there hands on this remote.Worlds most expensive gadgets They are giving them away at only £27'000, Worlds most expensive Jewel encrusted personal computer, the Jupiter is made out of platinum and has diamonds to create astrologivcal constellations, get rid of your DELL and get one of these bad boys.A jaw dropping £375'000or £280'00 in Gold.

One of the worlds most expensive homes is Updown Court in Windlesham set in 58 acres and boasting 103 rooms and parking for 10 stretched Limo's complete with marble driveway, private cinema, stables, squash & tennis courts and ballroom in case you are thinking of throwing a bash.

A snip at $122'000'000

The worlds most expensive food the $5000 Burger sold at "Fleur de Lys" at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casion in Las Vegas foie gras and black truffle stuffed Kobe beef burger and they throw in a 1995 bottle of Chateau Petrus to wash it down.

Worlds most expensive burger $5000

Worlds most expensive cars

With its luxurious length of 4.47 m, the Veyron is a perfectly balanced combination of high-powered performance and sleek, racy design. Even at complete standstill, the car’s enormous power is made visible by its impressive mid-engine, elevated majestically beneath the chassis. Simultaneously, the Veyron’s bold proportions, well-balanced surfaces, and clear line structures give an impression of pure, sleek elegance.

The design of the Veyron honors a great heritage without drifting off into retro style. Every detail of the classic two-tone color scheme, a quote from the 1920s and 1930s, has been carefully thought out, resulting in the typical Bugatti profile with the classic, contrasting ellipsis – the stylistic element used by Ettore Bugatti himself. The “crest line”, which runs uninterrupted from the hood to the only 1.21-m-high roof, is a proud homage to the Veyron’s forebears. Thus, the Veyron’s classic paintwork and harmonious design connect this state-of-the-art super sports car to the glorious heritage of Bugatti automobiles. Powered by a 16-cylinder turbocharged 8.0-liter engine, the Veyron reaches 60 m.p.h. in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 253

m.p.h.$2'000'000 or you can lease this car for just $25'000 a month with a $40'000 deposit Bringing you the worlds finest....